Social Media: The Best Marketing Tool for the Pearl Industry

Figure 10. Representative Kasumiga pearls from this study show a color range of cream, light yellow, pink, purple, orange, and golden with orient, in sizes ranging from 9.5 to 19.6 mm and with round and baroque shapes. They were produced after a culturing period of two to four years. Photos by Tetsuya Chikayama.

Today if the world feels like one big connected entity; it is because of the social media tools available on the internet. Thus any business wanting to secure a foothold online has to make use of this dynamic tool. The fact that today social media is represented by a number of different handles like Instagram, Twitter, face book etc., makes it all the more easy for online pearl stores like PearlsOnly to put them to good use.

Each social media site benefits the business in a different way like:

  • Visual social media

Creativity can best be represented by the visual media and Instagram, Pinterest and the recent Vine do it in the best possible way. Using images with sounds and moving pictures these social media websites enable online pearl selling websites to tell their story in a beautiful and visually appealing manner. This increases the reach of the business and also helps them to build their own brand.

  • Face book

This is known as the powerhouse of social media and with the help of a personal profile, internet websites tend to leverage on its popularity. Consequently friends, family, acquaintances etc., can be easily engaged with the help of creative status updates, public group and fan page interactions. Face book Ads function very, much like AdWords and enable the creation of targeted campaigns which further help to promote the brand, attract likes and make sales.

  • LinkedIn

This is known as internet’s own office block which functions as an online resume and enables its users to talk about themselves and make connections with others. Even though an e-commerce website might not be able to directly sell using this social media site, it will be able to capitalize on other opportunities present like suppliers, related websites, interactions with other related companies etc.

  • Twitter

This social media tool has an inherent simplicity which is very beautiful and most effective when it comes to engaging with the targeted niche of the market. By proactively making a search for those people who keep tweeting questions related to the online business concerned and answering their queries, it is possible to develop connections without even having to put in a sales pitch. This is the beauty of twitter and that is also what makes it such an important social media tool for online website marketing.

Thus social media websites present a plethora of opportunities to online websites like These should be extensively used to increase the reach of the online business concerned.