Reaching Higher Ground: Platforms for Hire


When it comes to reaching those higher spaces, rather than risk the safety of you and your crew, it’s best to rent equipment that can help you reach them.

What Jobs Might You Need a Platform for?

A quality platform hire company in Leeds might be necessary when performing a job high off the ground. Such jobs that might require a platform are:

  • High-level building repairs
  • Window cleaning
  • Gutter and fascia maintenance

These jobs can be dangerous so working with a professional company that can provide safe, reliable, and guaranteed equipment is important. Platform equipment should be regularly inspected to ensure its safety.

High-level building repairs and maintenance need platforms to maintain high safety standards. Without access to a platform, a business either has the option of using a ladder, which can be incredibly dangerous, or leaving the building in its current state. Business owners who take pride in the exterior of their building will never leave their windows dirty, making platform rental practical. Additionally, lack of maintenance can cause a building to fall into disrepair, resulting in higher costs in the end. Platforms available for rent can help make these tasks easier.

Platform Specifications

Most platforms can reach heights of up to thirty-one metres. Some platforms that are more technologically savvy might even include rotating baskets and electrical operation, making them simple to use and versatile for a wide range of projects. Depending on how long your project will take, many companies will offer both full- and half-day rental charges.