Partnering with a Minnesota Family Law Attorney: Resolving Child Support Issues with Expert Help

Family Law Attorney

Divorce can be quite emotional and stressful and if you and your ex have children, the arguments can be more contentious. When courts make decisions in terms of child custody and support, they consider what’s best for the children. If you want your interests to be protected, you need to hire a Southern Minnesota family law attorney to represent you. Your attorney should have knowledge of the laws that govern the child support process and the necessary experience to make sure your children have current and future provisions. Here’s what your attorney will do:

Help You Understand How the Child Support Process Works

Your attorney will explain how the entire process goes from start to finish. The initial steps include completing paperwork and answering questions. Your lawyer will want to make life easier for you by explaining your rights and the rights of ex regarding your situation and determine if modifications can be made. Also, they evaluate your case, check documents, make the terms clear, and calculate possible payments. If you don’t want to live without support and financial assistance from your ex, hire an attorney immediately.

Help Implement Child Support Orders

A skilled lawyer will help you have a child support order in place. Implementing the order follows after you and your ex agree on the terms and paperwork. But, if you don’t agree, you could face each other in court hearings to determine custody and monthly child support payments. If you have custody of the children, it is your right to seek financial support from their other parent.

Negotiate Child Support Payments

If you and your ex cannot agree on support terms, litigation may be necessary and your lawyer will negotiate payment. Because you may not get along with your ex, you won’t be able to successfully negotiate the terms by yourself and reach an agreement. Your attorney can create, negotiate, and enforce child support payments once agreed.

Protect Your Rights

Every parent has the right to visitation and financial support, so you want to ensure it is protected. If your ex has legal representation, you be taken advantage of without your own lawyer. Your attorney will make sure you get a fair share of the situation. You will never want to feel like you are losing your child. Meanwhile, your ex will not want to feel they are paying too much child support that it becomes difficult for them to survive themselves.