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For quality, high-standard, and secure precious metals, choose Melbourne Gold Company, a renowned and trusted bullion dealer. As one of the most reliable companies in the industry, we enable investors to purchase and store precious metals with assurance, either directly through our shop or secured courier via our online store.

Melbourne Gold Company deals with an extensive product range from the ever-popular metals such as 1kg silver bars, 1oz gold bars to the newly-emerging platinum and palladium bullion products. These products appeal to both first-time bullion buyers as well as the seasoned collectors. With favourable and competitive premiums, Melbourne Gold Company easily beats many other bullion dealers as the place to source for your precious bullion.

Liquidity is one of the primary benefits of investing in bullion. You can sell bullion easily and quickly. You don’t need any protracted settlement periods, stamp duty, or marketing campaigns. When it comes time to sell some of your bullion, Melbourne Gold Company delivers the simplest, and most-hassle-free precious metal bullion buying service. When you want to sell your gold and/or silver bullion, you can place your confidence and trust with us. Whether selling large or small quantities of silver and gold bullion, Melbourne Gold Company guarantees you competitive rates even during high market volatility.

With a dedicated online store for bullion, one can buy physical silver, gold, and platinum bullion bars and coins at their convenience, 24/7 directly from Melbourne Gold Company. Our office at Melbourne CBD is also a dedicated gold selling and buying suite, where your gold items can be tested and evaluated speedily. MGC’s bullion prices are always updated in real-time, and at a moving-spot price based upon live market rates. In fact, our automated pricing system has been linked live with the global gold spot price (trading price). This ensures that you always receive the precise to-the-minute value of payment for all your precious metals, with no hidden charges or fees. Therefore, one can rest assured of accessing some of the most clear, competitive, and transparent prices currently available for both buying and selling.

Selling precious metal bullion, is processed as easily as purchasing it, either by telephone or personally. The simplest way to begin is by giving them a call. So, if you’re in Melbourne and seeking to receive the highest sum of money for gold and silver items, then pay a visit to the Melbourne Gold Company. You can request that we give you the live buy-back price at that time, and if you wish, you can offer to lock the rate in for that day and deliver at your convenience. In so doing, you can be guaranteed to receive the highest payments possible within Melbourne when you directly sell gold bullion, gold jewellery, gold coins, or any other silver and gold items with them.

What’s more, MGC’s executive team, advisors and board members are among the most proficient and influential financial and corporate business-leaders and visionaries globally, thereby ensuring the strength, integrity, and depth of both the organization and business platform.

Melbourne Gold Company also offers other services such as refining services to clients all over Australia. In this arrangement, you receive industry-leading buy-back rates for scrap silver; scrap gold, and bullion acquisitions. In addition, MGC lends cash against precious metals which acts as a safety-net for bullion investors during uncertain times.

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