Main Benefits of Non Profit POS Systems


Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running your nonprofit organization for years, one thing is certain. It’s hard work. In the past, organizations would need to do everything by hand or rely on a wide variety of computer applications to track everything they needed to run smoothly. These days, an increasing number of organizers are seeing the benefits of using a point-of-sale system such as the Clover 2.

POS Systems Can Track Discounts

If you run a nonprofit organization that relies on volunteers to keep things in working order, you may find ways other than traditional pay to compensate those who help you. For example, maybe you run a non-profit coffee shop at your church or within another organization. When your shop runs on a POS system, it can provide discounts for employees or for people who belong to specific groups. In addition to calculating the discounts, it will track how often they’re used so that you know whether the discount is working for your nonprofit.

POS Systems Know What You Have in Your Inventory

Libraries, museums, history archives, and even some bookstores rely on non profit POS systems to help them keep track of their inventory. If your nonprofit relies on inventory tracking, a POS system can help you. Inventory tracking allows you to see what you have available at a glance, determine if you need to order or ask for donations for certain types of items soon, and can even integrate your inventory with some e-commerce applications if you provide online sales services.

POS Systems Work on the Go

Maybe your organization is one that needs to be up and running even when you’re on the go. When you have a merchant account with a POS system, you can do just that. Many of these systems are cloud-based and provide mobile apps that let you use them whether you’re in the office, at home, or attending a fundraiser. In fact, a lot of them will even work when you don’t have internet access, making them a true need for anyone who does nonprofit work in unconventional places.

POS Systems Offer Tracking and Reporting Features

The IRS requires nonprofit organizations to adhere to strict guidelines if they want to maintain their tax-exempt status. Part of adhering to those rules means tracking and reporting all donations and how the organization spends every dollar that comes through its system. A POS system helps nonprofits do this by tracking donations and providing reports as needed. Whether you need a lite system or something all-encompassing, analytics and other tracking features often make your job easier.

POS Systems Integrate With Other Tools

Finally, systems like Clover 2 are known for their ability to integrate with other tools. From e-commerce platforms to employee management systems, a strong POS system lets you track employees and volunteers, manage your schedules, provide accounting updates, and much more. Full integration cuts down on the time it takes for you to switch between applications and makes it easier to provide an at-a-glance view of how your nonprofit is doing as needed.

Are you ready to upgrade your nonprofit and make your job easier? Contact a local dealer to help you determine which system is within your budget and will meet your needs.