In Screen Printing, Quality Matters


Many people decide to open a screen printing business from their home so they can work on their time, not have to deal with a lot of overhead, and skip working with employees and managers they don’t get along with. By printing on more items than just t-shirts, you can quickly expand your business to appeal to a large number of people, which will only serve to help your bottom line. However, what some people don’t consider is that they need to be sure they are using quality supplies to ensure they are producing quality products. Skimping on your printing supplies to try to save some money will only affect you negatively in the long run, as people realise they can get high-quality items elsewhere. Check these unique T-shirt ideas.


One of the benefits of buying bulk or wholesale shirts is that you will pay a much lower price than you would if you were to go to a store and buy them individually. While it may be tempting to buy the lowest-priced shirts, you do want to balance the price and the quality of the item you are buying. Itchy shirts, ones that stretch out easily or shrink in the wash, or ones that fade quickly will reflect poorly on your business overall. Price will vary according to the materials used in the shirt and how many you buy in bulk.

Silk Screens

You need to have screens to be able to screen print. These can vary regarding mesh size. Luckily, you can get more than 20 uses out of each screen, making them an excellent investment piece for your business. Again, buying quality screens from a reputable source will ensure that they last a long time and work perfectly each time you use them.

Screen Printing Ink

Another vital part of your screen printing company is what kind of ink you decide to use. It’s normal to get thousands of prints from one gallon of ink, but again, the quality of the ink you buy matters. Working with a company such as means you’ll get the best inks available at great prices. With so many different colours to choose from, varying finishes, and different makeups of various inks, you can genuinely produce one-of-a-kind prints for each order. It’s a good idea always to keep track of what kind of ink you use on each order, as well as where you ordered it from so that you can replicate orders if you ever need to do so.

With so many different materials, tools, and equipment needed to have a successful screen printing business that will turn a profit, it is crucial that you focus on quality to make sure your end products are something that you can be proud of. Remember that every time someone wears one of your shirts out in public, they are advertising for you. It’s up to you if the work you do sends a good message or a bad one.