How to distribute leaflets and flyers?

distribute leaflets and flyers

As we all know that leaflets and flyers are the best and the most effective way of marketing and promoting your products and services. More often than not, small and medium enterprises use flyer distributors when it comes to raise awareness amongst the audience.

There are several ways to distribute leaflets and flyers. However, the method of distributing the flyer will depend on the nature of the business. If the business is B2C, then the method will be different from the method that will be used in case of B2B marketing.

Here in this post we are sharing with you the best ways to distribute leaflets and flyers.

Let’s get started……

1. In-person distribution

One of the best ways to distribute your flyer is – in-person distribution. In-person distribution is personal in nature, as you hand out the flyer directly to the person. While handing out the flyer you get a chance to speak about the product or service mentioned in the flyer. Since it involves personal approach, people find it easy to communicate, they can even ask questions in case of any doubt or query.

However, it is essential that the distribution staff is well-trained and knows everything in detail about the product or service. Well-trained staff would be able to answer any query or question immediately. And it will help the company or brand turn the audience into the potential customer.

In-person distribution is done when the product or service is customer based. So, it is essential to plan the method of distribution based on the nature of the business.

2. Distribute to the businesses

Another method of distribution is B2B. Basically, business to business approach is used when the product or services are meant for local businesses. For instance, your client is a distributor or wholesaler of paints and hardware, who has just started his business in the area or wants to market his brand. In this case, you will target all the local hardware businesses in the area to distribute the flyers. If you distribute your flyers directly to customers, then there will be no use of it. Distributing to the retailers will help raise the awareness about the brand in the right way. Local hardware business owners will get to know about the wholesaler in the area, and whenever they will need to buy any item, then they will be able to contact the wholesaler directly.

3. Door-to-door distribution

It is the most used flyer distribution method; however, this method is more approachable in case of B2C business. For instance, your client has just started a food joint in the area. Now he/she wants to tap people in and around the area as they will be his/her target customers. In such a case door-to-door flyer distribution will help your client to get the right business.

4. Stacking in the crowded place

Well, stacking in crowded places is also a way to distribute flyers to the audience. This is also a very good approach to reach masses in one shot. In this type of distribution method, you simply stack a lot of flyers in one place, like railway station, outside an institute or college or in the market area. However, this method is used when you want to target a specific category.

For instance, your client has an institute and now he wants to introduce a new summer course for school goers. In this case the best place to distribute the flyers would be a school. All you have to do is stack the flyers in one place and keep distributing as and when a student passes by. It makes the procedure for the distributor easy and convenient. Also, stacking helps you distribute in a group or address any query in a group.

5. Newspaper or magazine insertion

Perth based Flyerbox says that another most used flyer distribution method is – newspaper or magazine insertion. This is again a wonderful way to reach masses in a shortest period. However, while using this method of flyer distribution you will first have to find out the readability of the newspaper or magazine. Of course, you will want to reach more and more people. For reaching more and more people you will have to choose the newspaper that has the maximum readability. Choosing the one with less readability won’t help you fetch desired results. And your business runs on results, if you won’t be able to give the best results to your client, you will end up losing on your business.


These are some of the best ways to distribute the flyers to the right audience and get the best and immediate results. Using these methods will not only help your client to get desired results, but also help you to retain your client. Besides, you will get positive reviews for all your efforts from your client, which will help you attract more clients in future!