Ensuring That Your Workplace Is Safe


National health and safety rules and regulations are in place to prevent injuries in both public and private areas. Every workplace needs to abide by these regulations to ensure that everyone on-site is guaranteed a safe place to work. Of course, some working environments need to abide by additional safety rules and regulations.

Does Your Workplace Need Extra Training?

Working environments where people are operating heavy machinery, lifting equipment, or working regularly at heights are sites where safety is of paramount concern. In these areas, people place themselves in harm’s way each and every day, therefore, it is crucial that everyone has received the proper safety training.

The good news is that professionally run health and safety training in Hertfordshire is available through third-party courses. During these courses, participants will learn the following training techniques:

  • How to work as part of a cohesive team and look out for one another in the context of safety
  • First aid training in the workplace
  • Emergency and rescue planning
  • How to supervise those who are working at great heights
  • Organising team members to work at heights and ensuring that they are competent to do so
  • Operating lifting and heavy equipment correctly
  • Manual handling courses so that heavy objects can be lifted and moved safely and with minimal risk of injury

Abiding by Cohesive Standards

National health and safety rules are in place in order to help prevent injury on worksites. It is important that all workplaces are guided by these additional regulations and that all people on site are trained.