Do you know your brand personality?


Most perceived brands to be merely a presentation of a product or service and not something that is alive and has character. Looking at companies like Old Spice, Pepsi,and H&M, they each have a voice thatvariesgreatly and tend to evoke different reaction when mentioned. That is because their messaging has unique tones that reflected in their word choices, graphics, theme,and other stylistic tools. It is these details that set them apart from other organizations in their niche. There are many Cell Phone Repair companies, so what then makes one stand out from all the rest?

With many start-ups and small business up and coming in the market, getting swept up and labeled as noise becomes likely as people pick and choose what attracts them, leaving out the rest. How then can a business, small or established, find their voice and potentially get their target market to take note of them? Hint, even an SEO agency can’t help you if you don’t have it in place

What is a brand personality?

First, we’ll get into the definition: a brand personality is a set of emotional and associative characteristics associatedwith a brand name or company. It guides people on how to feel and interact with a given name or business. It is also usually a reflection of a niche demographic targeted. What makes it different from brand identity is that the latter is what creates the personality that is the logos, graphics, fonts, colors, etc.

Creating a brand personality

What do you bring to the table?

Knowing the value of your personal brand can offer a way of figuring out how you want others to think of you.A vision, mission and a strategic plan that dictate what your company does and where it’s goingare essential. Using a roadmap helps in making knowledge-based and intuitive decisions on how to get to the goal. Knowing what you’re bringing to the table aids in shaping your voice as you’re clear about not just what the product is but what it represents.

How do you want others to see you?

If one of the values is boldness, then colors and illustrations that evoke it may get used, and if a brand appeals to children, they’ll use a delicate font.  Do you want to appear formal and authoritative or perhaps friendly and helpful? That depends on your product or service and the target market as they help in adopting tone, voice and diction speakto them. Selling life insurance to a 35-year-old will sound different from selling jeans to a 15-year-old.

Be consistent

Once you establish your brand personality, remain faithful to it. With everything you share online or offline, people should be able to tell it’s you from a glance. Not being consistent is detrimental to your business as you end up coming across as inconsistent and not trustworthy.


Those wanting to stand out need to step out and find their unique voice that is true to the nature of what they do. Brand recognition will then foster business growth as more people become familiar with your brand.