Customer service job assessments- The smooth talkers in action!

rear view of african businessman signing contract in office

A customer service rep must handle all types of customers with their admirable communication skills and strong customer interaction. The selected applicants must display a quick presence of mind and acceptable computer skills. Companies need to make sure that hired candidates are assessed to gauge their cognitive aptitude to absorb job-specific training so that their hired candidates work to the optimum level for the company. Here are some tests which are used for customer service job assessments:

  1. Proofreading test:
    The rep has to skim over a given list of English sentences and pick out any errors which may or may not be present. This helps companies check the command over the language and the mistake-spotting ability of the reps. The test time is 6 minutes, with an average score being 9 out of 16.
  2. Handling Incoming Calls:
    The Customer Care Phone simulator is required to assess the rep’s ability to handle incoming phone calls since phone calls constitute an integral part of Customer Care. The reps are marked on their speed of solving the situation, skim through the documents on hand and their general behaviour. Sometimes, even an unpleasant call is simulated in order to gauge the rep’s capability to handle the rude customer while maintaining a calm composure. It takes maximum 8 minutes to finish, with an average score of 3 out of 5.
  3. Handling Emails + Fixing Accounts:
    The Email simulator is to check the rep’s capability to devise a professional response to incoming emails, as customer FAQs on company websites require detailed responses and quick solutions to customer woes. The simulation takes 15 minutes with an average score of 5 out of 11.
  4. Typing Test:
    Accuracy and speed are the essentials for Email or Chat type based positions and typing tests help companies judge the reps on these abilities. Typing skills can generally not be measured without such a test, where WPM (words per minute) is calculated for marking. The average is 39.9 WPM with 99.1% accuracy, where the test lasts for 3 minutes. A typing test is an effective tool for assessing customer service reps selected for sedentary website related jobs.
  5. Job Responsibilities:
    A company provides CSRs with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). SOPs not only protect the valued customer but also protect the CSR and the company and lead to speedy solutions of tedious issues. Customer care can be an extremely frustrating job; hence CSRs are required to comprehend the essence of customer care and deal with every customer with empathy and patience. CSRs are asked to navigate through a large number of documents while handling a high amount of customer complaints and they have to complete all these tasks while maintaining a calm composure. CSRs need to comply with the longevity of job tenures which can be extremely gruelling after a certain threshold. Only those who are passionate about complex problem solving can manage as a CSR. The primary aim of a CSR is to prevent the issues from escalating to superior officers, resolve them with the help of SOPs and keep a keen eye on troubleshooting for faster solutions.

The dependability on a CSR for company relations is tremendous, hence the companies should ensure timely assessment of hired CSRs.