Claiming PPI Online: Our Guide


Aimed at repaying mortgages, loans, credit cards, overdrafts or store cards etc; PPI, i.e. payment protection insurance is the best solution for the guys that otherwise are unable to repay the same due to sickness, accidents, loss of life or unintentional unemployment. Those having fallen victims to unscrupulous businesses that duped them with mis-sold policies can get back their refunds through PPI claim online, the most feasible method. Those aiming at filing their claims must check if they had a PPI or wish to make a complaint about the same.

Filing the complaint – This process generally takes about half an hour. The form has to be filled up in a single go as it cannot be saved. Be wise to check the details and the dates of the account and the status of your employment. Details of the ailment at the time of taking out the PPI should also be filled in. You need to elaborate the insurance, loans or saving details too and the debts since paid off by you. Details of any joint product or particulars of the policyholders also need to be highlighted when filling up the form meant for complaint. In the event of giving details of policyholders or joint product, it is clear that the complaint is being raised on their behalf and they have given their consent for doing so.

In case the form cannot be filled up online then it could be downloaded and its print may be taken. This printed PPI complaint form could be taken to the concerned office for submission and finding the best solution to the issue.

Details – It could happen that the details like address or names could be different than the ones maintained by the office. Then it is necessary to amend the details and write the correct ones so that the query is feasibly resolved.  Your fiscal and personal details are also to be filled in the form. This is to check and resolve the issue so that nothing wrong is filled up and no fraud is committed. Information regarding conviction and health etc is shared with the agents, fraud prevention agencies and insurers etc that are directly involved in the issue. Transfer of the data to overseas agencies could also occur and appropriate steps are taken to ensure protection. Personal and other details are used for regulatory, legal and rightful business purposes.

Persons having purchased mis-sold PPI policies should quote the reference numbers through their complaints. It is recommended to submit the complaint directly to the concerned office for the timely solution of the issue. Why not submit PPI claim online for the quick response. This is the best method as it takes the shortest time.