Best ways to turn marketing failures into growth


It is a fact that many entrepreneurs and businesses will experience some kind of marketing failure. Although marketing has become increasingly digital it still relies on human endeavor to power it along which is where things can come unstuck. If you have just hit some kind of marketing problem, then don’t despair – they are actually great opportunities to grow.

How to turn marketing disasters around

What should be a big consolation is that these kinds of things can happen to even the biggest business. Who can forget KFC running out of chicken recently in the UK or pizza chain DeGiorno accidently tweeting an offensive hashtag? Here are some ideas on dealing with marketing faux pas effectively:

  • Own up and say sorry – if a marketing idea has caused offense or uproar then sometimes you just need to say sorry. People will know if you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes with excuses and will then get even angrier. If such a situation arises then simply get the message out there that you know you have messed up and are sorry. That will actually get a positive reaction and help you because people will respect your honesty.
  • Laugh at yourself – if the mistake has not upset anyone but makes you look silly, why not laugh it off? That will show the public that you have a sense of humor and make them warm towards you. More consumers will now use brands they feel this kind of connection with, which is great for future business growth.
  • Check the details – if the marketing failure is more on a level of it not working out as planned, then check why. Don’t be too quick to write the whole campaign off – very often, tweaking a few words or subject line can turn it into a roaring success. Get out and talk to the public, look at why it hasn’t connected with them and make improvements.
  • Educate staff – if you look into the marketing failure you have experienced, and it comes down to errors by employees then use this to help develop staff skills and knowledge. Show them what went wrong and educate them to avoid the same mistakes again. This will build not only a loyal workforce but a more experienced and skilled one. Companies like Iconic Industry know the value of loyal staff as should all employers. Iconic Industry creates an atmosphere where staff are encouraged to always do their best and are given the tools to do so. That is a great tip to take into your own business.

Don’t let one mistake destroy you

We all make mistakes sometimes, whether it be on an organizational or individual level. The key factor is how you deal with them in a way that actually helps you learn and personally develop. One marketing mishap should not destroy your business if it is well handled. On the contrary, it should actually present ways for you to engage with new customers and to fine-tune your marketing operation.