Benefits of studying through learning applications


Technology has altered every aspect of human life. People can order food and medicines from the comfort of their homes using an app on their Smartphone. Applications have completely changed the way people buy things, fulfil their entertainment needs, read news and learn things etc. Apart from all the services which an app provides, education is a brand-new frontier which has completely changed the lives of the students. Gone are those days when students had to rely on their teachers and tutors for clearing their doubts. Students no longer have to overburden themselves with the thought of failing in an examination. Online courses and the study portals providing the same have completely revolutionized the way students prepare for their exams.

Students in any academic year can access the study material provided by the learning websites and applications for a nominal price. They just have to enrol for an online course and can start accessing the content like NCERT solutions, practice papers, worksheets, online tutorials and CBSE previous year papers etc.

Learning applications and study portals give focus mathematics subject due to its complexity. It is the only subject where full marks are guaranteed if the student performs well in the exam. Moreover, students of class 7 are benefited the most as they are able to clear their basics for 8th standard board exams.

Apart from all the study material available for 7th standard students, solving class 7 maths worksheets gives them the greatest benefit. Worksheets and practice papers help the students to analyze their progress for preparation of the final exams. Moreover, they are able to build a stronger base of important maths concepts which in turn helps them in the board examinations. Solving every question by hand gives them the confidence to face any question head-on.

There are numerous benefits of studying through learning applications:

  1. Convenient:

Preparing for the exams using learning applications proves to be convenient as any information related to exams is available at their fingertips. Students can clear their doubts by interacting with teachers and instructors who are available 24×7. Students even get access to important information like change in the syllabus or weightage given to a particular chapter etc. right from the app.

  1. Flexibility:

Students have the option to learn anything from anywhere even if they are on the go. They can give ample time to a particular chapter and can even rewatch the videos explaining important concepts. Students have the flexibility to start with any chapter or concept which are more difficult than others.

  1. Involvement of parents:

The study portals include parents in the learning process of their children by creating assignments and exercises which require the help of parents for completion. A special team of relationship managers stay in constant touch with the parents and give timely reports of their child’s performance.

Individual attention is given to every student which is not possible in the traditional classroom teaching.

Inbuilt search bar which can be used by students to search for important information and study material. They just have to type something like 7th class maths study material and get access to NCERT solutions and worksheets which improve their performance in exams.

The learning apps have completely changed the education industry and can continue to do so if supported by parents and especially education boards.