5 Great Online Tools For The MBA Professional


When you have a master’s degree in business administration, also known as an MBA, you may be thinking of taking your skills and education qualifications online. Working online with a MBA is possible by putting various tools and programs to use regardless of the industry you represent and the type of work you plan to do in your own future. Staying informed and current with trends and the different tools and software available to those in business is a great way to maintain productivity while moving forward in the online business world.

Invoice Trackers
If you are managing sales and generating revenue from services or products you provide for your business, utilizing invoice trackers and tools is ideal, especially when you are required to track your own finances. Invoice trackers are available within financial communities and as third-party tools online to help with creating physical documentation of any sales you have made to better track your progress as a business.

Financial Organizers
Using a financial organizer online to track both personal and business finances is highly recommended for all business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers who have a MBA and are working in business for any company. Financial organizers help to keep an eye on food, expense and even employee budgets for both individuals and companies alike. Using a financial organizer will help you to stay educated on any market you are working in so you are always aware of your financial situation and the future project growth or decline you are facing.

Web Stat Tools
When you have a website or a blog that represents the business or brand you are trying to grow, using web statistic trackers and tools is another essential to staying relevant and competitive to other businesses that may be similar to yours both online and off. Using web stat tools is a way for you to gain insight into the type of target demographic that is visiting your site in addition to the number of page views and visitors you are receiving on a daily and monthly basis. Statistic trackers for websites can also help when you are developing new marketing or advertising campaigns to reach an even greater audience in any industry.

Virtual Calendars
Using a virtual calendar tool or website can help you to stay organized in your personal and business life, especially when you are putting your MBA to use in the online world. Virtual calendars are free to use and often include alarms and reminder emails to help with keeping you focused and your mind set on completing any tasks or goals you have in mind. Virtual calendars are ideal whether you want to focus more on your personal goals in life or if you have plans for a business you want to commit to professionally.

Screen Share Programs
Screen sharing programs and tools are widely available for free and also with premium subscriptions depending on the type of service you prefer. Using a screen sharing tool is ideal for both start up businesses as well as well-established companies who need to effectively communicate with clients and potential business partners or associates. Using screen sharing programs can help you to stay in touch with clients and customers while also having a quick way to communicate new business plans, ideas or investments you are considering.