5 Benefits Of Using Precision Measurement Tools Like A Laser Tracker


In today’s many industries, modern, forward thinking companies are all using precision tools to improve on standards, and to make sure when they manufacture something, that every piece comes within an accepted range of tolerance. Laser trackers are one such measurement tool, as they offer a 3D solution for measuring , when compared to the usual CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), when we are measuring fairly large things. The laser itself offers many benefits, like the improvement of measurements and also, in the method of manufacture. Let’s look at some ways a laser tracker can improve your quality inspection.

  1. Very Portable – The traditional coordinate measuring machine, was always too bulky to carry around and was far from portable. Laser trackers on the other hand, provided us with precision measurement tools that are quite small and lightweight. There are lasers out there like the Omnitrac laser, that is one of the smallest you can get. The lasers are powered by batteries and are totally wireless, so this makes it easy to take any measurement, even if you are out in the middle of a field.
  2. Easy To Mount – When mounting a laser tracker, you can mount them almost any way you want. They can be mounted on their side, upside down or even mounted right on to the specific part, that is being measured. This way, you get the best measurement, no matter where it is located.
  3. Easy To Set Up – Laser trackers run alongside your computer, so it can be set up and used by a single person. It is, however, advisable to have a two man team operating it, in the interests of time efficiency. For those of you who may think having two workers increases spending, even with two workers, the laser is still cheaper to use than the older, traditional measuring tools.
  4. Measuring Continuously – Any laser tracker can measure different points on an ongoing basis. This means that the data from it can be gathered in relation to thermal growth and shrinkage, and the laser can keep track of machinery that is still moving, in the safest way possible, without the need for humans to get involved.
  5. Great Precision – All manufacturers or any business for that matter, want precision in everything that they do, and everything that they make, and there is nothing that will give you the precision and accuracy you require, than that of a laser tracker. When we try to do something just by using optical devices, we find that the results are inaccurate, due to typical human error and we get different measurements between one shot and another. The laser tracker available to you, will get you a measurement that has a tolerance of one thousandth of an inch. Now, that’s impressive.

When looking for a precision measurement tool, you will not find one better than a laser tracker. It gets you the results you need in real time and provides accurate results every time. They are also very portable and easy to use. Look into getting a laser tracker for your measurements, today.