Top 3 Retail CRM Systems to Boost Your Sales and Marketing


Customer relationship systems have entered almost every industry, even the ones you could not have imagined. The value of a customer continues to grow, and it becomes more and more crucial. In any business, customer is the key factor, without whom it’s definitely impossible to generate income, grow and succeed. The experience shows that those companies that value their customers and try to be closer to them are the most successful and credible ones. This situation is typical for every industry, but retail is one of the most specific ones.

Customer’s role is crucial here as the whole industry depends on customers’ needs, choices and decisions. But there is still a question: how to manage this huge industry? The solution is obvious – CRM, in this case – Retail CRM! CRM stands for customer relationship management, an approach aimed to enhance communications with customers and optimize workflow. CRM systems are specifically designed to help you grow your business by automating every single process and provide you with the most powerful tools to efficiently organize the work. Business process automation helps you save time and financial means; there is no need to hire extra employees, to pay for additional services and to lose time on working on a task for hours and days.

№1: bpm’online

Top 3 Retail CRM Systems to Boost Your Sales and Marketing

Bpm’online is an all-in-one CRM solution designed to manage your business processes and improve interactions with your clients. To learn more, check this out.

This is one of the most implemented and loved CRM systems all over the world. Your customer database is kept within the system in a unified database. It helps you keep track of the customers managing their every single step.  

Bpm’online is implemented in various industries, and it has proven its effectiveness in each of them. This process-driven retail CRM solution is definitely a perfect choice if you have decided to implement a customer relationship management system to automate and optimize your workflow. This system has become the most used one as it is really affordable and has all the features every businessman may need for his retail system management, development and success.

It allows you to automate various processes of any complexity and improve your business related interactions. It has such exclusive features and tools as processes automation, multichannel marketing campaigns management, customer segmentation, promotional activities, resource management, customer data management and so on.

№2: Revel


Revel is also a cloud-based CRM tool trusted by many users. This system has a single dashboard for several actions and fields, such as operations, customer sales and so on. The system is a perfect solution both for restaurants and stores of various sizes and types.

The benefits of this retail CRM tool are obvious; it is affordable, it has a user-friendly interface, and it provides users with such exclusive features, functions and tools as customer management, program management, social media management, inventory management tools, data analytics tools, payment and order histories tracking, gift cards, swipe cards, loyalty program. Unique user IDs and passwords are provided to users, and the owner of a business has control over the whole process. The exclusive tools of this system allow connecting in-store and e-commerce so that your data is provided on a real-time basis. What concerns the support this CRM tool offers, it is also excellent and is provided via different communication channels.

Other helpful advantages and features it offers to its clients are its POS system, reports and graphs, integrated inventory management, barcode support, as well as integration with various systems and platforms.

№3: Epos Now


Epos Now is a retail interaction management solution used by thousands of people worldwide and known for its amazing features and opportunities any retail industry needs to succeed. This system is used in several other industries too.

It is mainly suitable for businesses of small or medium size. It is cloud-based, which makes it even greater. It has numerous exclusive features and tools, including integrated inventory management, accounting opportunities, payroll processing, purchase and order information, ledger, reports, electronic scale integration, barcode scanner, customer data migration, credit card scanner, supplier database, staff tome clock, as well as discount and verification opportunities. The vendor provides solutions for Windows, iOS and Android, and it also has an inventory application for you to always be kept updated.