Strategy Plus Creativity: 5 Keys To Seduce The Consumer

To achieve impactful, relevant, and designs attract consumers, not enough the imperative: “be cute and sell more.” To meet this objective we need to think before acting. The key? Decide before designing the strategy.

  1. Create a place in the future

To stand out you have to differentiate, have a clear and direct message to your niche. However, the solutions of the future must not think from the past, because only going to get automatic responses that repeat more of the same.

The solutions of the future should think from the future, and from this project the way to reach that destination imagine. Designers must prefigure the solutions, envision new paths that will lead us towards the goals.

The differentiation strategy Exclusive Cunnington was so successful that the last redesign only minimal adjustments required label, and an exclusive bottle design to reaffirm its leadership.

  1. New ideas, new challenges

Every time we face the challenge of creating a new design we must first think of your strengths and opportunities for improvement. The analysis forms a unique opportunity to make the most possible and thus enhance the chances of success.

Each of the elements of a container (brand, images, shapes, materials, colors, fonts, etc.) do not work in isolation and independent. All form a unit. Relocate them, challenge them and give them a new meaning is imperative.

The packaging of African sauces Kitchens of Africa were designed with fashion air to attract attention of sophisticated gourmet market in New York.

  1. Innovation is breaking the rules

To create something new we can not rely on the repetition or the predictable response that applies to many situations, because maybe it’s not really effective in any of them.

What if we innovate? As this new model of communication becomes habitual, it becomes the new way to communicate, and what is outside it will be behind the times. That’s the difference between those who generate trend and those who follow. It is impossible to create new paradigms without breaking the rules.

Gourmet Club is a brand of the English Court can afford to be a highly distinctive product.

  1. Changes purpose

The strategy is particularly important criterion for making decisions. Without that foundation the actions taken will surely become fragile and inconsistent long term.

It is not an intuitive process, but a consequence of the analysis and agreement among all members of the team about the nature and intent of change, the direction in which it was decided to move forward. Establish a strategy not only helps fast execution, but also ensures the effectiveness of the solution.

Cool wine labels Venus have a zoned optical art and varnish which is activated by ultraviolet light, characteristic of the clubs.

  1. The leader changes, the others follow

The cultural changes we are experiencing require manufacturers are increasingly willing to propose new ideas. Innovation leads to leadership. Be the first to change is leading change.

A product with a distinctive personality must have its own history and not the other. For that we have to think what are the characteristics that make it unique and special. There is always a way to differentiate.

* William Dufranc is coordinator of the graphic design Tridimage leading agency specializing in 3D Branding, graphic and structural packaging design, with a presence in Latin America. Since Tridimage Guillermo provides experience, inspiration and creative leadership, encouraging and motivating the graphic design team. He has written on topics of branding and packaging design for publications and blogs featured globally recognized and sworn in international packaging design awards.


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