How To Make Your MBA Application Process as Easy as Possible

Getting into business school is no small feat. There are a great many business pros who seek out this additional certificate and fantastic knowledge base every year, but only the top-quality applicants are brought on board at Wharton, Harvard, and other top-tier business schools across the country.

Earning an MBA is something that a huge volume of people strive for as they progress through their career journey, and for good reason. An MBA can help launch new opportunities in a variety of fields and the lessons taken from these classrooms are applicable to scenarios that exist within the business operations component of a brand’s front offices and beyond these narrower applications of what might constitute as “business.”

Getting into business school is of course the first step in this process of reinventing or initiating a fabulous career in your industry. With these tips and tricks, smoothing out the application process can be made easy, getting you one step closer to that dream you hold deep within your heart.

Start with a college admissions counselor for tailored feedback and advice.

The average age for new MBA students in the United States is now older than ever, at 28 years old across the board. With this age leap comes a need to be more “worldly” in your application package. Those seeking a place in an MBA program will need to show a dedication to their field and the business world more broadly. Gaining valuable experience is a strength of many MBA applicants rather than a sign of weakness.

With these additional years separating an MBA from an undergraduate course, many applicants are able to hone in on their talents, specializations, and desires in order to compete more efficiently within their chosen field and the arena of the business industry. Yet planning core courses and electives to build a great undergraduate GPA and transcript will help you comb through online MBA options and entrepreneurship opportunities in the future.

With the help of college counseling help, tailoring your application package to the universities of your choice can be made easier. A college admissions counselor is an essential resource for anyone thinking of re-entering the world of education. They are trained professionals who know exactly what an MBA admissions officer will be looking for in their applicants (a great GPA, rock-solid career goals that are spelled out in a flawless personal statement, etc.) and can help you bring in new skills, specializations, experiences, and other positives in the months or even years leading up to your eventual application for a brick and mortar or online MBA.

Try an online MBA for ultimate flexibility.

Online MBAs are gaining in popularity among applicants as well. In the age of coronavirus lockdowns and generalized online learning, many are finding solace in the offerings of online MBA programs as a great alternative to putting life on hold to return to the classroom.

Additionally, many online MBA options are GMAT-free. Searching for “online MBA no GMAT” will give you a variety of great options when it comes to business schools that are offering a streamlined application process for candidates with excellent background credentials. Many business schools are now looking at coursework and undergraduate GPA, professional experience, and even electives and entrepreneurship as key indicators of potential success in higher education, and particularly the MBA world rather than a GRE requirement or GMAT test score.

Skipping the GMAT requirement is a great way to get into business school faster and earn your online MBA at your own pace alongside equally accessible financial aid options that will help facilitate earning your MBA degree.

Rather than quitting your job in order to pursue admission and education full time, an online MBA gives you the flexibility to complete coursework during the weekend, in your evening downtime, or whenever you have an opportunity to log in and make progress on the assigned tasks. An MBA program is first and foremost a tool for building the future that you are looking forward to.

With an online MBA program, you can leverage that tool in a way that works best for your busy schedule and unique personal needs. Those with families or bills that must be taken care of find the most value from these types of programs. Start your journey toward greater success and opportunity today.


Tips for Running a Successful Beauty Salon

Beauty salons specialize in making people look and feel their best. Running a business, including a beauty salon, is cost and energy-intensive. Even after getting all the necessary paperwork sorted out, there’s still a whole lot more to do to ensure your business stays afloat. Many salon owners are increasingly finding innovative ways to ensure their salons thrive. This article explores some valuable tips to help you run a successful beauty salon.

Try to improve your customer’s experience.

Beauty salon customers expect prompt and professional services each time they walk through your front door. Having a work environment that’s clean, safe, and comfortable is critical to the success of your salon. That said, it benefits you as the owner to make the environment as calm and relaxing as possible.

Consider installing an efficient HVAC system for an optimal salon experience. A fault heating or air conditioning unit can negatively impact customer experience. Whether you have air conditioners or heat pumps, you have to make sure they function at an optimal efficiency round the clock. When looking to buy a cooling or heating unit, remember to factor in your climate condition. For example, locating a salon in a cold climate region will determine the kind of heating that you need. If you don’t know so much about HVAC systems, consider hiring an HVAC contractor.

A notable example of a reputable contractor is Heil Elite Dealer. So you know, there are Heil dealers scattered all over the United States. They offer complete heating and cooling services. The brand focuses on delivering Heil systems to its clients because of its quality, energy efficiency, and reliability. With a Heil dealer, you are poised to get the latest Heil heating and cooling system in the market. The bottom line is that Heil products offer a considerable amount of comfort and peace of mind to both your staff and clients.

Equip your beauty salon with quality equipment.

Running a successful beauty salon requires you to prioritize equipment acquisition. Stylists and beauticians are only as good as their equipment. When buying beauty salon equipment, opt for durable, current, top-notch, and dependable products.

Using substandard products puts your customers at risk of contracting infections. If that happens, there’s no gainsaying that it could damage your reputation in the personal care industry. Equipping your beauty salon is a cost-intensive venture that can take a toll on your finances. You also have the option of either buying or leasing equipment.

If your budget can accommodate the high purchase cost, make sure you buy from reputable stores that pride themselves on selling quality equipment. For example, Keller International has been providing salons with salon furnishings for over two decades. This company prides itself in delivering top-quality salon supplies for next-level barber professionals. The key takeaway here is that the right equipment can help boost customer service.

Recruit well-trained personnel.

It may or may not go without saying that a business’s level of success depends on its employees. This is important, especially for beauty salons considering what’s at stake. Having an untrained beautician perform a complex cosmetic procedure on a customer can pose some significant health risks and jeopardize your business.

As a beauty salon owner or manager, you must place a premium on hiring only competent and well-trained personnel. During the onboarding process, have a specialist train them on each of the procedures offered at your salon. Training helps familiarize your stylists, beauticians, and other personnel with the nitty-gritty of each procedure. If you have the means, develop a detailed and comprehensive salon procedural manual to guide your personnel.

Recruitment can be a daunting process considering the time and resources it consumes. That’s why it’s crucial to get it right the first time. If you’re not up to the task, consider hiring a recruitment company to oversee the recruitment exercise. Whether you hire in-house or outsource to a recruitment company, make sure you prioritize interpersonal skills when hiring personnel.


Tips for Running a Successful Supplement Company

Starting a supplement company can be a vastly rewarding experience for someone knowledgeable and passionate about the supplement industry, common health problems, product development, and helping others. You can choose to develop your own products under a private label or work with well-known brands to offer the best dietary supplements on the market. Here are five tips to get you started with a successful supplement company.

  1. Do your research.

Even if you have been a health and wellness enthusiast your entire life and know everything there is to know about vitamins and supplements, that doesn’t mean you are equipped for running a supplement company. Knowing the products and being passionate about the industry is only part of the puzzle. It would be best if you learned the day-to-day challenges of running a business.

It would be best to learn the regulations, restrictions, legal obligations, and tax implications of everything you do. You need to understand how to advertise your business in a way that will convert lookers into customers.

  1. Stay on top of changing health needs.

Like most industries, things change, new information becomes available, and trends will impact sales. It is critical to stay knowledgeable on changes and trends in the health and wellness realm. You may be thinking, health is not a trend, and you don’t need to stay on top of health trends. However, when running a supplement business, a big part of your job will be educating your customers. Knowing about health trends will allow you to provide your customers with real information not to take unnecessary supplements and potentially damage their health.

Additionally, staying up on current information will allow you to introduce new products as new information about benefits arises. For example, common health issues for men include heart disease, prostate cancer, lung cancer, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, skin cancer, colon cancer, high cholesterol, inflammation, and obesity. Understanding these health issues and how supplements can help treat, mitigate symptoms, or reduce high risk will allow you to serve your customers better.

  1. Choose reputable vendors.

Due to an overall lack of regulations on supplements sold, it is critical to choose reputable vendors with a good track record of producing high-quality products. Choosing supplements and vitamins manufactured in USA will increase your ability to monitor the quality of the products and visit the factories where they are manufactured.

You also want to make sure you give your customers as many options as possible. Some people prefer tablets, capsules, powders, gummies, or soft gels. Some customers will look for vegan or gluten-free options.

  1. Stay focused on marketing.

Marketing your supplements company will be critical to your overall success regardless of whether you are running an online or brick-and-mortar store. The supplement industry is flooded with bad products and bad information. You will need to differentiate your business from the rest. A great way to do that is through consistent and educational marketing.

Be prepared for questions and get to know your customer base to adjust your marketing as needed. You can pull people in with probiotics, dietary supplements, and multivitamins, which they may have been searching for, and then educate them on healthy lifestyle choices, nutrient information, and risk factors to show them what other products they may want to consider.

  1. Know when to outsource.

As a new business owner, you may be tempted to do everything yourself to save money. However, it would help if you remembered that your time is valuable, so some tasks will be more cost-effective to outsource. For example, if designing your website takes 20 hours because you only sort of know what you are doing, but you can hire someone, who can get it done in 8 hours, the fiscally responsible choice is to hire someone to do it. It’ll get done faster and likely be better.


How to Use Google Search Console (GSC) Insights Tool

The Google Search Console is a valuable service for nearly everyone involved with a website. Business owners, site administrators, SEO specialists, and web developers can use the GSC insights tool in various ways. This utilization ranges from site visibility evaluation to troubleshooting. The Google Search Console hosts a vast amount of data and analytics, so it can be challenging to navigate if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

A significant number of factors determine Google search results. Monitoring each of these factors without the help of SEO specialists like LinkGraph can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, the Search Console compiles important information into more easily digestible data so that you and your SEO team can work together to reach your website’s relevance goals.

  1. Boost your site’s prevalence in Google Search.

One of the best practices for boosting visibility and relevance for your site is search engine optimization. The GSC provides you with the insight necessary to maximize the success of your optimization strategy. These insights include Googlebot accessibility, search engine queries that return your website, and the number of clicks your site garners from those relevant searches.

Your average position in search results is essential because the search engine results page is a saturated market. Think about how often you leave the first three pages of Google’s search results. For many consumers, this is a rare occurrence. Your SEO performance can help boost you to the top of results, thus significantly improving the volume of searchers that will be shown on your site.

  1. Identify potential security risks.

The GSC is more than just an SEO tool. In addition to performance reports and technical SEO data, the Google Search Console can help business owners and site administrators isolate security threats. If your website experiences lagging or site loading errors, the GSC can address these issues. Additionally, the Google Search Console can resolve problems like malware or hacking before they harm your website.

Malware variants are diverse and have been expected to grow over the course of this year, given the uptick in hybrid or remote schooling and work practices. Some malware has the ability to infect sites through a tunneling channel on a compromised server, like “Snugy.” Using the GSC insights to monitor your server’s health, you can maximize your protection against hostile malware.

  1. Troubleshoot development issues.

Anyone who creates or is in charge of maintaining code and markup will find the Google Search Console to be an invaluable tool. Whether this is a hands-on site administrator or a web developer, the GSC can reduce their time spent searching for detrimental issues. Not only does the GSC help identify problems with markup, but it can also locate errors in structured data. Once these flaws in markup and structured data are discovered, the Search Console can assist you in developing solutions. If your site has updated or new content, a GSC user can submit sitemaps and request URL crawls to ensure Google has the most current view of your website possible.

Your ranking in Google Search results involves several elements. For instance, your site’s performance and the quality of the data your website is hosting. Backlinks, site speed, and on-page SEO all play a significant role in your rankings. The Google Search Console addresses each of these aspects and more in an easily digestible way that both specialists and beginners can utilize efficiently. Reviewing your index coverage, analyzing your data quality, and protecting your site from hackers are critical elements of website health and performance. Accordingly, the GSC can help take your website to the next level in many ways.


Why It’s Important To Provide Exceptional Customer Service for Patients

Do you remember the healthcare professional who made you want to practice medicine someday? The chances are that it was something about the sense of confidence they instilled in you that you were in capable hands. Now, it’s your turn to provide your patients with that same sense of comfort.

Customer service is essential regardless of what industry you’re in. If your patients aren’t happy with the level of care they receive at your practice, they’ll go elsewhere. However, prioritizing customer satisfaction is the best way to grow a successful practice. Continue reading to get some reasons you need to make great customer service one of your prime objectives.

Customer experience is one the most important element of success.

The main objective of any company should be to enhance the way a customer feels when they use their products or services. Every support call and in-store purchase should leave the customer feeling better about your brand. In the business world, this is known as the customer experience.

One of the best ways to enhance the customer experience is to make it more convenient for patients to schedule appointments or get a callback from you for answers to important questions. Many offices across the United States have started using virtual contact centers to enhance their customer support capabilities.

With tools like Interactive voice response (IVR), which has natural language speech recognition, virtual contact centers allow offices to manage high call volumes at a lower cost than traditional call centers. The less time callers spend waiting to reach the right agent, the better their experience will be.

Customer satisfaction is the best marketing tool.

Another reason it’s important to provide patients with excellent customer service is that there’s no better marketing campaign than a bunch of happier patients. Someone with an anxiety disorder may google “anxiety therapy near me,” but their next move will likely be to ask their friends or family what they know about the doctors at the top of the list.

Physical and mental health are serious matters, and people do their due diligence when looking for a doctor or psychologist. People still value the firsthand insight of their peers over search engine rankings.

Excellent customer service builds trust between doctors and patients.

There’s no industry where trust is more critical than the medical care industry. Medical institutions are trusted with sensitive customer data. Medical professionals are trusted with their patients’ physical and mental health. Trust is integral to keeping the patients you have because there’s no law stating they have to choose you as their physician or therapist.

The best way to build trust between your practice and your patients is to create a company culture that prioritizes respect and empathy for patients and their families. Creating this company culture begins in the hiring process. Finding the right front office personnel is one of the best ways to create an environment where your patients will feel not only peace of mind but also valued.

As you can see, customer service is as important in the healthcare industry as it is in the retail industry. Your reputation will follow you wherever you go and will be waiting when you arrive, so build a reputation for being competent, empathetic, and trustworthy.

People go to their friends as a primary source of information when they’re looking for a healthcare provider, and with the right best practices, you can increase your chances of getting glowing recommendations. Furthermore, by using the right technology, you can enhance the customer experience and ensure positive phone interactions.

The most important part of your job is helping people to get and stay healthy. However, providing excellent customer service should be next on your list of priorities.


5 Proven Ways to Make Your Retail Supply Chain Green

Growing a retail business comes with many challenges. You need to find the right suppliers and manufacturers. Also, you need tools and strategies to manage your inventory. It’s just as crucial to ensure that you can reach out to your customers through various online and offline channels.

Making your retail supply chain environmentally friendly and sustainable may not be one of your top priorities amidst the rigmarole of logistics.

But if you consider the huge environmental toll of your supply chain, you’d be compelled to take action. Every aspect of the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials and manufacturing to warehousing and shipping products, results in significant carbon emissions.

Benefits of Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Establishing an eco-friendly supply chain will go a long way to boost your reputation as a retailer. That’s because of the growing awareness about sustainability and environmental protection among today’s consumers. Gen Z and millennials have developed an affinity towards brands that embrace sustainable and ethical practices.

Also, sustainable supply chain practices will result in significant cost savings and deliver a high return on investment (ROI). For instance, replacing traditional lighting systems in a warehouse with LED bulbs cuts power consumption and reduces your energy bill. Similarly, shortening the length of your supply chain minimizes transportation costs.

An eco-friendly supply chain creates a win-win situation for retailers, consumers, and the planet.

In this blog, we’ll discuss a few effective strategies that retailers can use to make their supply chains more sustainable.

1. Shorten Your Supply Chain

One of the easiest ways to minimize the carbon footprint of your supply chain is to cut its length by working with local suppliers and manufacturers. It’ll go a long way to cut down the fuel consumption required to transport raw materials and finished goods. It’s particularly useful when you’re sourcing or selling perishable goods.

If you’ve been working with vendors in foreign countries, it’s high time you start looking for local alternatives. Apart from cutting costs and carbon emissions, you get to support local businesses. It contributes to the development of the community, and bolsters your reputation as a brand that values customers and the environment.

Similarly, choosing warehouses in strategic locations will help minimize the transportation costs and carbon emissions for delivering finished products.

2. Find Transportation Alternatives

Depending on the type of products you’re selling, you might need to source some raw materials from overseas. Of course, air freight might seem like the most convenient option for such purposes. But the use of cargo airliners results in higher carbon dioxide emissions, thus contributing to global warming and climate change.

A more eco-friendly alternative is to work with a reputable sea freight provider. While getting your materials transported in cargo ships will take longer, ocean freight offers significant benefits for the environment. It’s more cost-effective when you’re looking to export or import small shipments.

Also, sea freight services provide a safer option for transporting hazardous materials, including chemicals, as well as heavy goods.

3. Ditch the Express Delivery

Apart from using sea freight shipping to import raw materials, you could also leverage it while exporting finished products to customers. You’d be surprised to know that many consumers can do away with express delivery options when they have an opportunity to contribute to sustainable business practices.

Also, you can offer incentives, such as cashback and discounts, to tempt customers to opt for slower shipping speeds. You could even offer free shipping to customers who choose standard shipping instead of express delivery.

Highlight the environmental impact of express shipping and explain why you’re recommending them to choose just-in-time delivery instead. 

4. Focus on Ethical Sourcing

Who you source your raw materials from is just as important as how you source and transport them. If you want to improve the sustainability of your supply chain, you need to embrace ethical and fair sourcing practices.

It involves knowing where your raw materials come from and the conditions under which they are developed or manufactured. Make sure that the workers involved in the process receive adequate compensation. Also, watch out for unfair or discriminatory labor practices.

5. Prioritize Reverse Logistics

Sustainable supply chain practices are all about eco-friendly transportation and green packaging materials. You must also devise ways to prevent old, discarded, and defective products from ending up at the landfill.

It’s crucial considering the huge amount of retail products that make their way to the landfill every year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of textile goods sent to the landfill every year exceeds 26 billion pounds.

The best way of avoiding such scenarios is to provide customers with sustainable ways to dispose of old products. You could offer to pick up discarded goods and reuse or recycle them. You could even refurbish old products and resell them. Or you could connect them with local waste recycling centers.

Creating an environmentally friendly retail supply chain isn’t rocket science. It requires a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to increased carbon emissions. Also, you need to educate consumers about the importance of sustainability and encourage them to do their part to help you keep the supply chain green.


Things to Consider Before You Invest in Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits (FDs) have emerged as one of the safest and most preferred investment options, especially for those who refrain from investing in risk instruments like mutual funds or equity. Another great thing about FDs is that it enables you to manage the financial risks and lets you fulfill all the goals aspired for different stages of life. This could be securing the child’s future, hedge against any unexpected expenses, higher education of children or marriage, etc. 

It is true that FDs are not as complex as other investments; there are certain facts that every investor should know before opening an FD account with a reliable financial institution. Let’s have a look at the factors so that investors can make the most of the opportunity. 

  • The credibility of the Issuer

Although FDs are considered safe instruments, but they are not 100% risk-free. The recent crisis in certain cooperative banks and NBFCs has indicated that investors should be very careful before parking money in an FD. If you are planning for NBFC FD, make sure you have a detailed report of the health and credit rating of the company. 

  • Cumulative and Non-cumulative FD

With cumulative FD, investors can reinvest the interest income gained from the FD. The interest is usually compound in nature, and at the same time, the bank also gives accumulated interest rates at the end of the tenure. But in case of non-cumulative FD, the interest is credited to the bank account at regular intervals according to the investor’s requirement. 

Since the interest in cumulative FD is compounded and can be reinvested paid along with the principal amount, it gives more income. Make sure to ask about the nature of the fixed deposit you are investing in from the issuer. 

  • Premature Withdrawal Clause

The investor needs to pay the penalty if you wish to liquidate the fixed deposit investment before it superannuates. In most of the cases, banks charge a penalty lowering the applicable interest rate between 0.5% to 1%. 

So, before you choose an FD, it is always suggested to look for the institutions that impose minimum penalty in case you do premature withdrawals. In order to be on the safer side, make sure to invest money in more than one fixed deposit rather than investing a significant amount of money in one single deposit. 

  • Safety of the Capital 

Features of income certainty and capital protection are the two biggest USPs of opening an FD. Large private sector banks and PSU are considered to be much safer; the extent of capital protection also depends on how the RBI has categorized other banks. Presently, the banks listed as scheduled banks are covered under the deposit insurance program of DICGC, which is a subsidiary of RBI.  

This program covers cumulative deposits of every depositor in the recurring, fixed, and current as well as saving accounts of up to 5 lakh with each scheduled back in case of bank failures. Thus, make sure that the institutions you choose have been categorized as a scheduled bank. 

Considering all the reasons discussed in the post, fixed deposits are considered as one of the safe and strategic investments. Along with that, the facts discussed in the post will also help you to make informed decisions. 


When Can You File a Criminal Appeal?

If you and your criminal defense lawyer don’t agree with the outcome of your trial, you might want to consider appealing your case. When you file an appeal, the court of appeals will review your criminal case to ensure the proceedings followed the law. Your appeal is based on written records of the case, including the reporter’s transcripts. If you are thinking about filing an appeal, this guide can help you:

Are you Qualified to File for a Criminal Appeal?

Any defendant, adult or juvenile, someone who lost their criminal court case can file for a criminal appeal. You must pay several fees such as filing fees and a deposit of transcripts before your appeal can be reviewed. You will file the appeal with the District Court and you or your qualified Rochester criminal defense lawyer would just need to make sure the other party is served correctly. 

Issues that can be Appealed

An appeal includes questioning any legal mistakes made during a criminal case that affected the verdict. If the court decides these errors are significant enough, your case will be granted a retrial. Should the case can’t be prosecuted further, its verdict will be reversed, leading to the dismissal of the case. It is imperative to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help strengthen your case if you are granted an appeal. 

Your lawyer can raise a lot of issues in the appeal. These include your wrongful conviction because of insufficient evidence, incorrectly filed evidence, or withheld evidence during the original trial. Also, the conduct of the presiding judge before and during the trial is another issue that can be raised during the appeal. This can include sentencing errors, a refusal to excuse a biased juror, or making a final decision based on discriminatory factors. 

Appeals that Involve Sentencing Issues

Sentencing appeals differ slightly from appeals that involve underlying convictions. The majority of sentencing appeals are challenged on a direct appeal. In some instances, a case involves a sentencing agreement by the government and the defendant. A plea bargain is a common type where a prosecutor and defendant make an arrangement for a more lenient sentence or removal of certain charges. This agreement can be reached if the defendant pleads guilty to the remaining charges in court. If the court imposes a greater sentence than what was spelled out in the agreement, the defendant can file a sentencing appeal with a knowledgeable attorney. 


How to Integrate Brand Identity Into Your Retail Store

What’s the one thing brick-and-mortar retailers across the world have in common? If you haven’t guessed, they’re all struggling to increase foot traffic into their store and drive more sales. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic made online shopping indispensable, retail stores had been experiencing dwindling foot traffic.

Does this mean you should drop the curtain on your store and move to the e-commerce landscape? Absolutely not. While the e-commerce industry has experienced a growth spurt in recent years, it’s also a field of stiff competition. If you want to make your mark in this space, you should be prepared to compete with established online retailers.

On the other hand, with more retailers switching to e-commerce, retaining a physical storefront will give you a competitive edge. The tangibility of a brick-and-mortar establishment can be instrumental in helping you win the trust of target consumers.

You just have to find the right ways to reinforce your brand identity and make it an integral part of your retail store. A strong brand identity is what will distinguish your store and hook your potential customers.

Also, it’ll enhance your brand’s recall value and even help enhance the overall shopping experience. This, in turn, can go a long way to improve customer retention and loyalty. Ultimately, incorporating branding into your retail store will help skyrocket your revenue.

But branding your retail store isn’t just about slapping your logo onto product displays and packaging. It requires a more nuanced and well-planned approach. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few useful strategies to make brand identity a part of your retail store. Let’s get started.

1. Focus on the Signage

The signage on your storefront screams volumes about your brand identity. It can go a long way to grab eyeballs and convey the type of shopping experience visitors should expect. That’s why you should ensure that it’s prominent and clearly displays your brand’s name, logo, and tagline (if any).

Needless to say, the font, color, texture, and design of the signage should align with other elements of your brand image. Apart from the main entrance, you should also place smaller signages in strategic areas, such as window displays, product aisles, flooring, etc. You could also have smaller danglers and standees promoting sales, contests, and new arrivals.

If you can’t afford to splurge on fancy signages, a more affordable tactic is to place a chalkboard in front of your store. You can use it to showcase your brand values and messaging or highlight ongoing offers. It could be just what you need to grab eyeballs in a busy street or market.

2. Don’t Forget Your Sales Reps

Your sales reps and associates are the personifications of your brand identity. Their body language, attitude, and attire can go a long way to determine how your customers perceive your brand. That’s why they should be an embodiment of your brand’s vision and values.

To begin with, make sure you onboard new reps and familiarize them with your brand identity. The key is to give them a clear idea of what your brand represents and how it’s reflected in customer interactions.

Also, it’s a good idea to provide your sales reps with branded workwear. Considering that your customers are going to spend significant time talking to them, the right workwear will help etch your brand in their memory. Make sure you choose the right fabric, color, and style, and contact a professional workwear printing service for this purpose.

3. Lights, Music, Fragrance

It’s 2021, and you don’t need someone to tell you that the colors you choose for your retail store should resonate with your brand identity. But color isn’t the only element that enhances branding. Effective use of lighting can go a long way to stir the right emotions in customers and define their shopping experience.

Likewise, playing songs or instrumental music in your store can reinforce branding. Make sure you choose a genre of music that aligns with your product and niche. For instance, if your store sells organic handmade soap, playing soft country music will help set the mood for new visitors.

You can take things up a notch by spraying soothing fragrances in your store. Research has shown that certain smells can trigger specific emotional reactions in people. In other words, using the right fragrances can influence a customer’s perception of your brand. Also, it’ll wire their brain to associate your store with that particular scent, thus improving retention and loyalty.

Running a brick-and-mortar retail store in 2021 comes with a plethora of struggles. But the right use of branding can distinguish your store, thereby helping you attract and retain customers. Make sure you use the aforementioned techniques to incorporate branding seamlessly into your retail store.


How to Protect Your Family From Ticks and Fleas

When the temperature starts to rise, ticks and fleas will start to take residence in homes. These pests can cause trouble. As fleas and ticks feed on your blood, you may become infected. If you notice a few of these pests in your home, make sure to contact an Austin pest control professional immediately. Ignoring the problem will only worsen the situation and increase your likelihood of infections. To keep yourself and your family safe from these unwanted guests, keep reading to know some tips:

Keeping Ticks at Bay

Typically, ticks hide in tall grass and brush. You should be careful around wooded areas. These tiny pests love the dark, humid environment and they can easily latch on your skin when you walk past. If you have pets at home, they are particularly at risk of ticks as they quickly bury themselves underneath the fur of your pets. 

Carbon dioxide and skin secretions are major attractants to ticks. These pests can quickly detect the presence of a warm-blooded animal and can spend their entire life on one host. To keep them at bay, wear white socks to see a crawling tick. Check yourself for them before you go indoors. If you find a tick on you, remove it right away using a tweezer. Never treat your pets with a repellent throughout the summer. Also, consider mowing the lawn regularly to eliminate hiding spots for ticks. 

Dealing with Fleas

As with ticks, fleas also hide in shady areas. Also, they need moisture to survive. They are often found in leaf piles and bushes. If your pet brings fleas into your house, the tiny pests will take refuge in your carpet and furniture. Fleas can jump more than one foot into the air, which means they can cling onto animals. They are attracted to the warm blood of your pet. Also, they are attracted to movement. You can ward off fleas by taking preventative measures like washing your pets. Vacuum your carpet a few times per week. Also, ensure there are no wild animals on your property as they may carry fleas.

To easily protect your family from ticks and fleas, contact a pest control expert. The professional will treat your yard, ensuring your family will enjoy being outdoors during the summer. A great technician knows how to keep these pests away. They use non-toxic flea control formulas, so you don’t need to worry about being exposed to dangerous chemicals.