Johnny Jordan

Johnny Jordan

Business Security Advice – Be Proactive and Invest in Cyber Security Solutions

To protect your business, you need to be proactive. Start by setting up a security plan. Invest in cyber security solutions. And monitor your...

VPS Hosting Advantages

There are many advantages to VPS hosting, ranging from flexibility and control to customization and security features. With a VPS, you can install any...

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing

Supply Chain Shortages & Its Impact On Manufacturing from American Equipment

Life Insurance Myths Debunked

In recent times, insurance companies have been campaigning heavily on creating awareness among masses for the need of insurance policies. While many people are...

Domain Authority Checked Instantly Through Contconcord!

Are you worried about your Domain Authority (DA)? If so, have no fear! can help. With our instant DA checker, you can get...

What Social Media Is Right for Your Restaurant?

Infographic created by Clover, a merchant services company

5 Simple Branding Tips for Small Businesses

Is your small business getting the attention it deserves—or is it being passed over for the competition?Building a small business means you need a...

Low Or No-Maintenance Industrial Machinery

Low Or No-Maintenance Industrial Machinery from Flexim

When You Know It’s Time To Find A New Job

This infographic was created by Goodwill Car Donations, learn more about donating a car in Texas

How Much Do Hot Shot Trucking Companies Pay?

Hot Shot Trucking Companies are in the business of transporting goods from one point to another. They are responsible for making sure that their...


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