Why it Makes Sense to Use Certified Steel Security Doors for your Business

As we all know, the doors are the primary access points for any building, and in a commercial situation, it is especially important to have a high level of security. Certification ensures a standard you can rely on, and if you are looking for a company to supply and install commercial doors, it pays to source an established company that is both accredited and well respected in the industry.

  • Steel Doors – Steel is the ideal material for security doors, and with a range of thicknesses from 1.5mm upwards and the option of single or double layer, the door is both compact and strong. Typically, this type of door would have an overall thickness of 45mm, making it ideal for most environments, and with a choice of solid or vision panel, the units are of welded construction and are made to measure and installed on-site by the supplier.

Various Levels of Security –

You might require exterior doors for your retail outlet, or perhaps you deal in high value goods, but whatever your business, it makes sense to talk to the experts, who can make suitable recommendations, and also design, build and install the units. If your business is based in the UK, there is certification in place to ensure specific standards a complied with, and the supplier would also be government approved to install steel security rated doors.

  • Choice of Security Locking – You might simply require a key driven single mechanism lock, or perhaps a double locking system, and one can also have biometric locks installed, which allow access to restricted persons only.
  • Tried and Trusted –Any door that carries a security level, which runs from 1-6, has been certified to perform to certain standards. Level 1 is the most basic, but even that is more than adequate for most retail and commercial premises, and with a choice of designs and attractive colours, it is possible to combine security with aesthetics. Level 6 would be used in banks and for custodial environments in police stations, and with the highest level of security, this is ideal for banks and places that hold large sums of cash or precious metals.
  • Powder Coating – This gives you a wide range of colour options, and the surface is extremely durable and will not fade, crack, or peel. Non-corrosive steel is used in the manufacture, and with welded frame construction, you have the necessary strength and support for the door. On the other hand, you might prefer to paint your own colour, and in that case, the doors can be primed in grey and installed by the supplier.

Security is on everyone’s mind these days, and your valuable stock and equipment is worth protecting with suitable security doors. If you would like to know more about the options for steel security doors, an online search will point you in the right direction, and by dealing with an established and recognised supplier, you can be sure of the best quality.


What to Look for in a Security System

Perhaps one of the nicest features of modern building security systems is that you’re able to monitor the site remotely, even from anywhere in the world. This means that out of hours monitoring can be achieved effectively with the correct CCTV cameras installed, meaning that there is a reduced need to have an on-site guard. CCTV cameras are now even cheaper and easier to install than before with wireless technologies available making full coverage of your site less hassle. You’ll also want to ensure intruders are kept out, which means installing an alert system with effective sensors. To ensure the utmost safety you’ll need to have your security system regularly checked and maintained.

  • Alert System

There are two main types of intruder alarm alerts: motion-based or sound alerts. You can also set to alerts for all activities. Which kind of alert you require depends on the type of activity your business is in. As the building manager you can also choose to be alerted via email, push-alert, and also request an audible notification.

  • Camera Features

All CCTV cameras are designed differently for different uses, e.g. to detect motion, suitable for low-level light, or rugged outdoor cameras with super-wide angles. A1 Security Systems in Petersfield are specialists in all security system installations and will be able to assist with the advice for installations all across Hampshire.

  • Sensors

As well as the type of cameras, alarms and alerts, you’ll also need to know if you have the correct sensors installed for your site. For example, there are window sensors, door sensors, floor sensors, and motion sensors. You can then choose as to whether this triggers an audible alarm to deter intruders, or silently alerts your building manager.

  • Installation and Maintenance

Security systems are totally automated, and if working well can take care of your property with minimum input. However, in order for this technology to work properly, it must be correctly installed. Also it must be regularly checked and maintained, so that it stays operational. A1 Security can provide a top service for installations and guaranteed maintenance.

  • Connectivity

The best security systems these days come with external monitoring and control. If you have a central control panel, you should be able to activate your security system externally, able to turn it on and off as you please. A simple yet secure app on your tablet means that you can monitor your CCTVs cameras remotely, and also here is where you will be alerted to any unexpected intrusions.

Businesses these days need to be secure, that means installing the most advanced security systems. When doing this, you’ll need to choose the most appropriate alert systems, camera features, and sensors. You’ll also need to ensure your security system is installed correctly and is regularly maintained. Finally, you should look for useful features such as monitoring on devices and an externally managed control panel. All of these features should help you keep your site secure.


Asbestos Sparks a Need for Surveyors

Asbestos was a building material that was used from the 1940s through 1980s in the building of homes and businesses in the UK and in other places in the world. At that time, the product was considered top-rate as it offered insulating qualities and was fireproof. However, after a time, people also found out that the naturally-occurring mineral also carried serious health risks.

A Dangerous Substance

People exposed to the product have been diagnosed with such conditions as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. Usually, in most of these cases, the diagnosis is made after the condition has advanced. As a result, many people have died from being exposed to the substance.

Usually, any respiratory problems that stem from asbestos do not emerge until 20 or 30 years after the exposure. Therefore, people who worked with the substance in the ‘80s did not know that they were sick until 30 years after the fact. People who did not come into direct contact from the material also became sick. For example, if a husband worked with asbestos products and his wife laundered his clothing from work, she became sick as well.

Finding Jobs in the Asbestos Detection Field

Whilst builders no longer include asbestos-type products in buildings, it still must be eradicated from structures today. As a result, you can find a large number of jobs that are asbestos-related, especially in the field of detection.

In fact, some recruitment firms specialise in the placement of employees who are skilled in the areas of asbestos detection and abatement. As a result, you can find employment in the field, such as the following:

  • Asbestos analyst
  • Asbestos consultant
  • Mangers at asbestos removal companies
  • Director-level jobs at asbestos abatement firms

In addition, you can find asbestos survey jobs in abundance in the UK. Surveyors in the field are called upon to undertake an inspection of a site using an asbestos survey. This survey must be conducted so that adequate information can be provided for a risk evaluation. The information is also used so that a management plan and asbestos register can be prepared. The asbestos register is used so that the employees who plan or perform maintenance can be consulted before any work begins.

Why a Survey Is Taken

A surveyor uses the survey to obtain samples and an analysis to confirm the absence or presence of asbestos in building materials. A surveyor may visit a site several times for verification purposes. As a result, using the right type of survey is critically important to success. Asbestos surveyors normally carry out one of two types of inspections. Either the asbestos survey is categorised as a management-type survey or a demolition or refurbishment survey.

Whilst a management survey is designed for surveying the presence of asbestos in a normally occupied building, a demolition or refurbishment survey is secured when a building is being refurbished, upgraded, or demolished. In either case, surveys are conducted to ensure the safety of workers so they can take part in activities without worrying about exposure. Therefore, if you are seeking an entry-level job as a surveyor, this is a job that will give you a good start in this sector and field.


Protecting Yourself from Fires Requires a Reliable Fire Alarm Device

Fires are responsible for untold amounts of damage every year, and the best way to deal with a fire in your home or office is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Fortunately, there are now sophisticated, technologically advanced equipment and systems that automatically notify you when a fire occurs so the damage can be minimised. These systems include a variety of devices that not only work great, but are also reliable and inexpensive. They can be counted on every time to do their job well, leaving you with the peace of mind you deserve.

The Right Devices Are Important

Basic smoke alarms are a great product to purchase, and are made more sensitive than ever these days, meaning at the first sign of a problem an alarm will sound. When you add fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, safety signage, and emergency lighting, your home or office becomes even safer. There are alarms that can be pulled to notify your co-workers that a fire has been detected in the building, and even round-the-clock monitoring that alerts the fire department even if you are not at home or work. Best of all, if you are interested in any type of fire safety for the workplace in Leicester, these companies will start with a basic risk-assessment plan so a personalised plan can be developed just for you. This ensures your fire protection needs will be met, enabling you to relax somewhat when it comes to fire safety.

Making Sure Your Home or Office Is Covered

Making sure your home or office is protected from the devastating effects of a fire is easier than you think, and since preparation is the key to keeping yourself safe, the companies that provide these services can be invaluable. The devices they install work around the clock to keep you safe, and are so well-made that you can rely on them to work the way they are supposed to every minute of the day. Their systems can even detect other problems as well, such as faulty system lines, so you can be notified if anything goes wrong. After all, the systems you install are only effective if they work properly, so making sure they are in excellent condition is always something you should do.

Fires are always devastating, but your risks and damages can be greatly reduced the more protected you are. The companies that install fire safety systems work very hard to give you customised advice and customised products so your home or office will be secure from that point on. With a variety of fire safety devices around your home or office, and the knowledge that it is being monitored 24 hours a day every day of the year, you can rest assured that even if a fire does occur, the damages will be minimised because of these devices. Having such a system in place gives you one less thing to worry about, and in today’s hectic world, this is a big asset. The fact that the systems are also reasonably priced is just icing on the cake.


What to Look for When Hiring a Security Guard Company

If you manage a business with premises that need to be protected, then you’ll certainly have considered hiring security guards. Most offices, factories, warehouses, and shops will have CCTV installed these days, but when the risks are higher you’ll also want a human presence to patrol and protect the premises. Here are some things you should consider before hiring a security company.

  1. Does the Company Have a Good Reputation?

The internet has made it infinitely much easier to check up on a company’s reputation. You can check their presence on social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, and then check any reviews on there. Otherwise, do a general search through Google to see if any outstanding complaints show up, how many there are and if they seem regular. Another option is to contact the company directly and ask for client references to see if the security firm has a good history. Hiring a security firm is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your business’ safety, so making you get the right one is vital.

  1. Does the Company Specialise in Supplying Manned Security

Often companies that offer security guards do not consider this part of their business to be their main focus. They may supply a whole host of business-oriented services, such as cleaning or grounds maintenance, and are only an agency for supplying security guards. If you’re serious about being supplied quality security guards, then you’ll want to contact a specialist in offering manpower. It is easy to find a specialist security company simply by searching for one in the city where you live. Search for security manpower services in Leeds, London, Glasgow, or any other city to find the manpower oriented company closest to your business.

  1. Is the Security Firm Locally Based, or a National Chain?

Generally speaking, it is better to hire security guards from a locally owned small business, rather than opting for a company with a national presence. Whilst some of the bigger firms have built up a name for themselves and are well-known throughout the country, this doesn’t mean the service they offer is any better than a smaller, independent company. In fact, a locally owned and operated company will serve your needs better and will treat you as a valued client. You’ll probably save money too, as a locally owned security firm won’t have the overheads that are associated with maintaining a national brand name.

Making the Decision

If you want to boost the safety of your business, then you’ll need to hire some security guards that can patrol your premises day and night. It is going to be a big decision so you’ll need to make sure you’re hiring the right firm. Make sure the security company has a good reputation, which can be easily sought after by searching the internet, or asking the firm directly for references. Another important option is whether they are specialists in manned security. For your business, you’ll really want a company that specialises in manpower security services in your area. Finally, you are best off going with a locally based security company than a national chain. By doing this you will save money, and guaranteed of a better quality customer service.


The Importance Of Verification Of Security Staff

Companies that carry out their business by providing security services need to be aware, align, and adapt their services to specific guidelines and rules and regulations governing the security industry. According to some guidelines, it is mandatory for security companies to verify each security staff member hired by them.

Adequate verification is the need of the hour because security personnel are responsible for protecting lives and guarding valuable possessions. Offering security services to individuals is a job that involves a great deal of responsibility. Carrying out security services diligently can create a great impression about the company as well as steady in-flow of potential clients. With the announcement of a background screening procedure, security companies can now offer their clients trustworthy and dependable services.

It is mandatory for the Human Resource department to carry out detailed background checks on both prospective and current security personnel to offer reliable security personnel to their valued and esteemed clients.

Some of the factors that need to be verified with regard to security staff are mentioned below:

  • Character: Potential employees need to be verified for their behaviour and character in previous organisations in order to avoid problems in the future such as theft and rage episodes.
  • Health: Security personnel need to demonstrate a high level of alertness throughout their shift. This involves both physical and mental stability to be prepared for any type of emergency.
  • Criminal Record: Potential security officers need to undergo verification with regard to any past criminal or court proceedings. This verification check avoids employing the services of a potentially-dangerous candidate who may get involved in thefts or other serious crimes.

Some of the ideal practices that the HR department of large security agencies can adopt are mentioned below:

  1. Keep proper track of all info (photographs, addresses, salaries) of security staff and names of clients along with their addresses. This helps prevent identity issues and ensures that the Human Resource manager is prepared throughout if a controlling authority carries out a check on the compliance of the agency to the relevant guidelines.
  2. Issue identity cards to all staff members. Security officers must be thoroughly prepared for potential surprise checks that may be carried out.

By not adhering to the below-mentioned factors, security agencies may end up with their licences being cancelled.

  • Issuance of licences to any security officer without carrying out adequate background screening
  • Failure on part of the agency to provide the requisite services to the client during the period that is mentioned in the contract.
  • Not cooperating with the police when it comes to when it comes to providing certain requirements
  • Lastly, if the hired officer is found in the below situations more than once:

Failure to provide adequate security to the clients

Misusing access to client’s property

Indiscipline during duty hours, including intake of alcohol

Security agencies should make the most of verification partners to make sure that they adhere to the stated norms, thereby boosting their credibility.


How To Prevent Theft In Your Retail Store

No retail store is exempt from theft. Both small and big retail stores can be victims of shoplifters or employee theft. The best defense is to put up preventive measures in and around the store. Here are some ways to protect your business from thieves.

Theft prevention starts with your employees. Hire people you trust. Go with your instinct. If a person does not feel right, don’t hire him or her. Train them about theft prevention.

Store layout
Arrange your shelves and furniture in a way that you can easily see everyone from the cashier’s table. It’s also a good idea to have your employees roaming around the store so customers can see them. This is a good deterrent against retail theft. This will discourage both customers and employees from stealing.

Spot a shoplifter
You and your staff must be familiar with the characteristics of a shoplifter. You also need to familiarize yourself with common shoplifting methods. Be able to spot customers with strange behaviour immediately. You can arrange for experts in this field to give you a lecture so you and your staff are knowledgeable.

Don’t leave too much inventory out in your store. Just a few pieces on display will do. Use a computerized inventory system. This way you can easily track if there are missing items. You should know what’s going in and out of your store.

Electronic tags
Electronic tags trigger an alarm if someone tries to leave your store without paying for an item. If you can’t tag all items, just tag the ones that people are most likely to steal and the most valuable items.

Place the items that are easy to shoplift near the register. This includes small items and valuables. This way you or the cashier can always keep an eye on them. If you can, place them inside a glass cabinet that can be locked.

CCTV Systems
Invest in a CCTV camera system. There are a lot of starter packages that are great for small businesses and retail shops as they are affordable and easy to install. You can also get a wireless IP camera so you can monitor your shop wherever you are as long as there is an Internet connection. If you are concerned about aesthetics, dome cameras are inconspicuous and can blend well into your décor. Dome cameras are also good deterrents against outside and employee theft because people don’t know where the camera is pointing at.

Good store management, prevention and clear policies about theft and shoplifting are your best defense against thieves.

Hi, my name is Nan Lee. I am a blogger and entrepreneur. I have a small retail business and I’m also partners with a website about CCTV Camera Systems.