A Checklist for Commercial Relocation

In normal circumstances, a business relocation is a sign of profitable times, and it is essential that the relocation does not hinder the business in any way. This requires an awful lot of planning, and once a suitable location has been sourced, the preparations can begin. If it is a small business, this can possibly de done on a shoestring budget, yet it is best to enlist the help of professionals with such a complex project. If you are about to undertake a business relocation, here is a checklist that should ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • Utilities – This would include gas, electric, water and telecom services, and if your business is UK based, simply search for “Connections 2 Energy” and you will be on their website. This is the UK’s leading provider for all your utility needs, and as they are a nationwide outfit, they have more than adequate resources to handle event he biggest of projects. You would need to arrange the disconnection at the old premises, as well as the new connections, and a single company can handle everything, leaving you to focus on running your business and not the relocation.
  • Hire an Established Office Removal Company – If you really want the relocation to be stress-free, bring in the professionals, who can handle the packing and transportation, and with a project manager, whose job it is to co-ordinate everything, the move will go like clockwork. The removal company will welcome the fact that you have already arranged all the utility connections, as this is not something they normally provide.
  • Design and Layout – The new premises will obviously be better than the old, but this is the ideal time to bring in a professional office designer, who can ensure maximum productivity. Spend some time thinking about interior design and also the layout, and with the right advice, the new workspace will actually be an investment.
  • Inform All Relevant Parties – The relocation will mean you have a different business address, and any deliveries you normally have, will have to be redirected, and while you might think this is obvious, with so much to arrange, a simple thing like failing to notify a supplier can occur. All your customers would have to be informed, and this is the perfect time to launch a sales campaign, as relocation is always related to success.
  • Planning and Checking – If you plan and check regularly, little can go amiss, and always make sure you allow more than enough time for any task, as if there is a slight delay, it won’t impact the schedule. If you do hire an office relocation firm, they will take all of the strain, and all you need to do is contact a utility connection provider and the rest is taken care of.

The relocation should not be stressful, and it should be viewed as the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s life, and with more space and a better working environment, the only way is up.

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